Meet The Writer...

Mar• len (mar-il-yn) noun: A writer living in Chicago with a penchant for dramatic floor length dresses, kimchi tacos, and a need to garland words together.


With my content, I like to encourage. Encourage to put on those overalls even if your thighs will pancake to the size of Texas, to buy that plane ticket to Barcelona even though you should be saving for a grown-up leather sofa, to go and make your life as colorful and kaleidoscope-y as you can manage.  

I’m a freelance writer that specializes in travel articles, body positivity essays, and style think pieces. My content is sharp, witty, and unashamedly playful, and I like to use my words to convince people that they can stuff every nook and cranny of their lives with inspiration and an openness to experience.

I’m a powerhouse of ideas and I'm hungry to write and create. I’m a versatile writer, one that can create content for websites, magazines, or blogs. Let’s work together- we’ll be an amazing team!